Thursday, January 10, 2013

Connor Went Sledding

Witnesses: Me and Z
Date/Time: December 31, 2012
Where: Oaklawn Park, Hometown USA

To make the most of the bit of snow on the ground at the end of the year, we stopped by Oaklawn Park on our way home, unloaded the sled, suited 'Rad up, and headed uphill.  He loved it and was smiling at the bottom of every run.  He rocked it until the final run, when Z and I decided that letting him ride out the whole hill on his own was a good idea.  Wah wah wahhh.  The sled took a quick swerve to the right high on the hill and he tumbled out onto his stomach.  He wasn't happy but he was unharmed.  We packed it in after that, but are looking forward to more time on the snow.